MCP Exam Certificate & Transcript

Exam Title:70-516
TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Candidate: Md Uddin                                       Date: 12/26/2014
Candidate ID: MS0609961544                          Site Number: 57631
Result:  PASS                                                     Registration: 277349556
Passing Score: 700
Your Score: 746
Performance by exam section
Each section, and its corresponding percentage of the exam, appears to the left of the chart. The length of the bars represents your section-level performance. Shorter bars reflect weaker performance, and longer bars reflect stronger performance.
Querying Data (20-25%)
Managing Connections and Context (15-20%)
Developing and Deploying Reliable Applications (15-
Modeling Data (20-25%)
Manipulating Data (20-25%)
0%                                                              100%
Note: Because the number of questions in each section varies, the length of the bars cannot be used to calculate the number of questions answered correctly, and bars cannot be combined to determine percentage of questions answered correctly on the overall exam. If a bar is not displayed for a skill area, no questions were answered correctly in that section of the exam.
What do these results mean?
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When will I see my exam results?
It can take up to 7 business days for your results to be displayed on your Microsoft transcript. If you do not see your results after 7 business days, please contact a Regional Service Center ( for assistance. Retain this report; you will need it for verification.

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Data forensics and your score
To ensure the integrity of the Microsoft Certification Program, Microsoft regularly conducts data forensics analyses of exams. Microsoft reserves the right to make any changes to your score or passing status that it deems appropriate based on these analyses. You will be notified if any changes are made to your score or passing status.
This exam was designed so that the total test score could be used to make a pass/fail decision. No decisions were made based on individual section-level performance. The exam was not designed with the intent to provide diagnostic feedback about your skills, and steps were not taken during the test development process to support that level of score reporting. Therefore, candidates should exercise caution when interpreting the section-level score information provided in this report and use it only as a starting point for future exam preparation.
Please navigate to and sign-in, then choose to “View my Score Report” in your testing history. You will then be able to retrieve, save and print your Score Report.
Md Imam Uddin
Block# A,
Banasree, Rampura Dhaka.
Dhaka 1219 BD.
Microsoft Certified Professional
Certification Number :
Achievement Date :
Certification/Version :
Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist
Certification Number :
Achievement Date :
Certification/Version :
.NET Framework 4, Data Access
Exam ID
Date Completed
TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
Dec 25, 2014

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