• imamcu07 portfolio

    || Portfolio Of Md.ImAmUdDiN ||

    Here is the portfolio link of imamcu07. It's published with free domain and hosting for testing purpose. To see it on-line, please click on image or title of the slide.

  • imamcu07 portfolio website

    || Personal website of imamcu07 ||

    It's another a portfolio of imamcu07. Also published on free domain and hosting. It's a SEO friendly and responsive personal website to description someone's personal details

  • imamcu07 NextGen-IT

    || NextGen-IT static website ||

    NextGen-IT static website is a one page HTML demo company web page. imamcu07 has published it on web for testing purpose. You can see it on-line by clicking on slide or title.

  • MCPD Certification

    || MCPD Certification Of imamcu07 ||

    Here is the certification profile like of MCPD. After successful completion of C#.NET and ASP.NET course from IDB-BISEW, I have acquired MCPD certification with great help of IDB-BISEW.

  • NextGen-IT blog imamcu07

    || NextGen-IT Blog ||

    It's a NextGen-IT google blog for help, support and service of freelancing / outsourcing. This blog published post against SEO, SMM, Website development, WordPress and many mores.


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imamcu07Hi there! It's me, Muhammad Imam Uddin, born & raised in Feni, Bangladesh. I always love to play with codes, blogging, website developing, social networking and...
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